About Atmospheric Plasma Solutions

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions develops high-performance plasma power supplies and delivery systems that harness the power of plasma for treating surfaces and removing industrial polymeric coatings from a wide range of surfaces found in aviation, automotive, marine and civil applications.

With our customer-oriented approach, our team will provide you with the equipment and knowledge to leverage the benefits of atmospheric plasma in your operation. With ties to several research institutions and technology ventures, APS is also exploring cutting-edge developments and refining existing plasma techniques to continue its history of industry innovation.

Located in the heart of the world-renowned Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, APS has strategic ties with North Carolina State University, where a variety of Atmospheric Plasma Technologies are thriving areas of research. While our company maintains the pioneering spirit and constant innovation of its academic beginnings, it was formed with a resolute determination to provide practical, novel solutions that bring the benefits of cutting-edge research directly into the hands of our customers.

Whether you order one of our turn-key solutions, or commission a custom unit, we will provide you with a refreshingly personal customer experience that has become our hallmark.

Develop With Us

As our plasma technology capabilities have grown over the past 10 years, we have been able to solve an extensive range of challenging problems for our customers. Drawing from a vast body of experience, APS has the in-house resources to perform in-depth process development and plasma research, whether using one of our existing product lines or developing a custom prototype. We work closely with our customers to provide unique, effective plasma solutions to meet their needs at any stage in the design cycle, providing expert support from initial consultation through commercial production. So contact us today with your inquiry, whether it's to discuss a yield-improving modification to an assembly process, an environmentally-friendly replacement for a complex wet-chemical operation, or just a basic question about atmospheric plasma technology.