Our Products

Atmospheric Plasma Solutions develops high-performance power supplies and delivery systems that harness the power of plasma for treating surfaces and removing industrial polymeric coatings from a wide range of surfaces found in aviation, automotive, marine and civil applications.

The APS PlasmaFlux™ series power supplies and applicators have been developed as atmospheric pressure plasma pens or jets which operate with compressed air or other gases. By factory-calibrating the system to your required power range (0.1 to 40 kilowatt) and available source gas (compressed air, nitrogen, helium, etc.), the PlasmaFlux™ unit ships custom-tuned for your application. The net result is a simplified interface, leaving the operator free to focus on the particular surface treatment or etching process at hand. The plasma pen may be configured for handheld or machine-mounted use.


The APD Series of plasma power supplies and applicators are designed for industrial applications requiring between 10 and 500 watts of plasma power. The advanced internal process control software can be configured for automated production use or manual control for process development, through either the front panel or remote control through standard industry remote interfaces. Internal monitoring hardware provides a high level of control of the plasma process, to ensure high-quality, consistent performance.


Designed primarily for industrial production-line use, the APD-2110 is CE certified and may be ordered with wetted materials certifications for high-purity applications and continuous-flex cabling for use on automated lines. It features an internal calibrated mass flow controller, as well as a compact, efficient point of use transformer and applicator that requires no active cooling.

Custom Solutions

Although we have carefully engineered our standard line of products to ensure they meet a wide variety of customer needs, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer support and personal attention. We have the experience and expertise required to help develop the power supplies and reactors to fit your specific needs. Contact us with your special application or questions and we will be happy to work with you to provide your own Atmospheric Plasma Solution.